International Women's Day 2023

Today is International Women’s Day, and we want to shout it from the rooftops! At Loyal, we are deeply passionate about engaging in the fight for women’s rights and gender equity. Every day that goes by where the world doesn’t see forward motion on these things is a day too many. 

For #IWD 2023 we asked The Loyal Workshop artisans to share about the women in their lives who inspire them. Below are a handful of their responses. We’ll let them speak for themselves:

Before, while working in the line, I used to see other ladies who would go to work early in the morning. I used to see them and think to myself that one day I also want to work like them. Now, I have slowly journeyed and reached here – I come to work in the morning and then go back home in the evening.”

- Kalpana

I am inspired by the women that I am surrounded by here [in Bowbazar], particularly those who have grown up through really challenging circumstances, pain, and grief – women who have had to fight for their life. Seeing them, I am inspired. There is not just one individual that I will name because there are so many women like this here.”

- Mithu G

I really like that Aradhana educates us about our bodies and is teaching me reading and writing… I love [her] a lot! [She] never speaks badly to me, even if I make a mistake.”

- Namita

I see my younger sister and I get a lot of confidence. She has faced a lot of challenges in life, but she has never given up. She is independent and I see that she tries to remain strong during challenging times. Seeing her life, I gain confidence that I could also be like her when hard days come… I am encouraged to keep going and to find solutions to my problems.”

- Jona

I see Mithu from our office, and I want to learn from her. She talks so patiently with all of us. She sits and she listens. Whatever she does, she does it with her heart. Many times, even if she feels angry, she controls her anger and she doesn’t express it in front of everyone. She knows her work well and is a great trainer. I want to learn to work like her – in the same way that she behaves and interacts with people, I want to learn as well.”

- Kakali

I am inspired by women who are educated. I really want to learn like them. I feel as though education makes one wise.”

- Nisa

Sarah (TLW co-founder) came into my life and, since then, I have been able to learn so much. I was able to build a new life. If Sarah hadn’t have come into my life, then I wouldn’t have been able to learn so much, nor would I have had the opportunity to do so much with my life.”

- Balika

This #IWD, stop and think about the women who inspire you, educate you, challenge you, strengthen you, show you an alternative way, and forge a more equitable future. Our world is and will be infinitely better because of them. How will you join the fight?