Who made your satchel? Open up your satchel to find out.
On the inside pocket, her name is etched in English with her own signature in Bangla underneath. Each a gem in her own way, we are privileged to spend our days with these courageous women.

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A thoughtful, caring person who always puts other people first. Her dream is for many more women to become free from the sex trade. Her faith that it’s possible inspires us all. She’s an encouragement to be around.


A bright young woman, with an infectious smile. Her dream is to become financially independent. She loves playing games with our kids and brings fun to our workshop.


A determined, hard-working woman. Her can-do attitude is contagious. She prides herself on making good decisions that will mean a better future for her family. She enjoys practising her English and does not hold back from giving us suggestions to make our business better.


A strong, tough woman who travels far every day, coming from her village to work with us. She loves talking about our business being a family. Quite the extrovert, she loves to talk often and loud. On an extra special day, she can be heard singing in the workshop.


At first, she might seem reserved. But soon you will realise that Roma is always laughing and joking around. This woman has us cracking up on a daily basis. Even in hard times, she always helps us to see the funny side of life.


Dancing on her first day of work, this woman is pure joy. She brings carefree fun and laughter to our workshop every day. She always finds a reason to smile and play and often has us cracking up with her Bollywood film impersonations. And her hugs are the best.


A quiet, level-headed woman, Juli can come across as rather serious. But she’s got an undercover streak of killer humour. She busts out some great one liners that catch us off guard. She is a peacemaker and enjoys afternoons when all the women are quietly stitching away.


Strong and determined, this woman is tough and knows how to fight for her freedom and her family. When we play team-building games, she usually ends up laughing so hard that tears stream down her face. Gold!


With a spring in her step, Kolpona is full of vitality and life. Although small in stature, she is one courageous woman. A deep thinker, she often ponders the big questions of life. She loves to help people and wants to make a difference with her life.


Warm and loving, Balika’s eyes sparkle when she says hello each morning. She believes in the right of freedom for all people and talks about it often. Her hopeful speeches encourage us all.


A young mum, Kieran is an inspiration in her fight for freedom. This girl knows how to talk and she pushes our language comprehension to the limits every day. She is switched on and has many hopes and dreams for a bright future with her son. .


A young Nepali woman, Nisha is a leader. She thinks with clarity and often surprises us with her pearls of wisdom. The eldest in her large family, she takes her big sister duties seriously.


A switched-on, courageous solo mother of two. She is wise beyond her years and possesses an incredible strength of character. She is full of integrity, dignity and courage.


A reserved Nepali woman, who often looks serious. But when she smiles, she lights up the room. She has got the ‘you lot are crazy, but I love you anyway’ look down pat.


A peaceful and contended older woman, who has found great joy in coming to work with us. She is grateful for the simple pleasures in life. She speaks fondly of living in her nearby home and walking the five minute journey to work at Loyal each day. Her dream is to work with us for the rest of her days.


Tall in stature, with courage that soars even higher. She is an unassuming example to the other women of how to pursue independence. She makes bold plans and turns them into reality. She is often found laughing, especially at the silly foreigners.


A sharp, quick-witted Nepali woman with a whole lot of sass. She has an ease about her and doesn’t hold back from laughing at her own jokes. She loves to draw.


A stout, smiley woman who possesses a strong belief in being ‘family’, here at the workshop. She will fiercely defend her opinion at times. But most days, she is content to sit back and soak up the joyous life happening all around her.