National Park Photoshoot

In early July, our founders Paul and Sarah were joined by fellow models Levi and Alisha for a photoshoot based in New Zealand’s stunning National Park!

A shoutout to The Paper Rain Project for lending us one of their impressive recycled wine-barrel longboards which was perfect for ripping up the chilly tarsealed roads.

Also, a massive thanks to Jake Thomas and Mike Hill for the great banter and phenomenal shots taken during these escapades.

Scroll down to check out our products being put through their paces during an epic adventure!

Goodstead Satchel all packed up and ready to go.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls, unless they look this cool!

Simba? Nope, a Companion Satchel in Vintage Brown!

A couple of Goodsteads and Companions doing what they do best.

Alongsider Wallet in Tan with a cheeky Advocate Wristband.

Paul – Usually found running The Loyal Workshop and speaking Bengali. Sometimes found skating.

A young Keeper Wallet born in Kolkata meeting ice for the very first time.

Companion Satchel in Tan.

Setting off or heading home?

Companion Satchel in Vintage Brown looking sharp amongst the pines.

Goodstead Satchel going over the top.

Sidekick Belt.

Companion Satchel in Tan.

Everything needed for a day out!

The Goodstead Satcel having a wee rest.