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Become a Loyal Advocate

Want to do more to fight the injustice of modern day sex slavery? We've compiled some ideas and resources here so you can become an Advocate!

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Take it Personally

One woman made your satchel from start to finish. She is real and her struggle for freedom is significant. Read her name on the inside pocket. Learn more about her by going to Meet the Artisans. Tell her story with friends and family.

meet the artisans

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Buy Fair Trade

Whenever possible, ensure that the products you purchase are not encouraging the injustice of slavery to thrive. Buy locally when possible, purchase second hand goods. Understand your own slavery footprint by finding out how many slaves work for you.

Slavery footprint

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Learn About Slavery

Today there are an estimated 27 million people trapped in modern-day slavery. Read more about slavery and human trafficking in Kolkata here.


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Advocate for us

Purchase an Advocacy Pack from our website and you will receive an information pack and 50 advocacy bracelets. Sell these among your circles as a way of telling their story, raising awareness of this human rights atrocity.

Purchase Here
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Join the Fight

Time to put legs on this. Contact a local group to find out how you can be involved in what is already happening to fight slavery and human trafficking. Check out STOP THE TRAFFIK  to see what activist groups are operating near you.

Stop the Traffik

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