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Fairtrade certified —

What makes us an ethical,
freedom business?

We exist to bring freedom, dignity and restoration to women enslaved in the sex industry through holistic care and by creating a working community that crafts high quality, eco-friendly, leather goods.

In 2019 we became members of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). This means our practices are externally audited and approved by the WFTO community. We work hard to uphold the following Fair Trade Principles.

We also place special emphasis
on these areas:

01 —

Exit Support

Becoming free from slavery is a complex journey. We take a holistic approach of supporting her as she fights for her freedom. Our support includes: Informal counselling, group therapy, legal advice, debt reconsolidation, spiritual formation, budgeting support, addiction support and regular health checkups.

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Educating women is the future of development. We provide 6 months of maths, English and Bangla classes. We also work with our artisans to ensure their children are going to and staying in school.

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100% of Profits Reinvested

All profits are reinvested back into the business and the community to enable us to offer freedom to more women.

Our Supply Chain

Leather tanneries are a major global polluter. Many tanneries dump chemicals and employ child labour. As an ethical business we didn’t think we had a future with leather goods. Until we discovered an Eco-Friendly Fair-Trade tanner right here in Kolkata.

our leather supplier —

Sheong Shi Tannery
is led by revolutionary tanner Patrick Lee.

He developed a secret natural recipe (approved by the Fair Trade Association) replacing the harmful chromium’s usually used in the tanning process. Patrick was among the first tanners to move into the government regulated tanning complex with a centralised effluent system. He also collects rain water to reduce his water use and refuses to employ anyone under 18.

He has helped us get our business off the ground, by developing a unique, ethical, full-grain veg-tanned eco leather just for us.

Sheong Shi Tannery

Locally sourced materials —

We aim to source
our other materials locally too.

By doing this we support the local economy, decrease the strain on global resources and keep the supply chain nice and simple. With some suppliers, we can walk to their place and order materials over a cup of chai. From the hands of our suppliers, through our artisans hands, to yours.

Finding the right materials from solid suppliers and staying true to ethical business practices takes a massive commitment. But we don’t have the word loyal in our name for nothing.

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