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Care For Your Products

Our vegetable tanned eco-leather is extremely durable, but it may still require some care from time to time. Part of what gives our leather its ability to weather and age beautifully is that it’s absorbent. As your product ages it will develop character from its environment. To keep your product looking beautiful, do your best to avoid getting it dusty, wet or oiled. Store it in a dry place out of the sun.

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Applying Treatments

All leather will darken slightly when treatments are applied. Over time this will add character to your products. When trying out new care products first apply them in a small less noticeable area to make sure it works well. Then apply it to larger areas.

Our Tan coloured leather is the most sensitive and will scratch easier and change colour more. That's all part of it's natural charm. If you want to apply treatment, use less and know that it will change more

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Wet Leather

If your product gets completely wet, allow it to dry at room temperature and in its natural position (without creases or folds). If it’s stiff when it dries, use a leather moisturiser to restore its supple condition.