Question 01 —

What’s up with cow leather in a majority Hindu country? Aren’t cows sacred?

This was our first question too. Yes, cows are sacred to Hindu’s. So most of the tanneries in India are owned and operated by Muslim’s or Chinese Indians. Once the hide has been tanned, Hindu people generally view leather as just another material. So there’s no problem with Hindus working with leather, particularly after the tanning stage.

Question 02 —

How can your leather be eco-friendly?

Our tanner is located in a government administered leather complex which is connected with a centralised effluent system. So no harmful waste is being dumped into waterways to make our leather. Our tanner, Patrick Lee, developed his own unique Fair Trade approved eco-tanning process. Sorry it’s a secret recipe, but we can tell you that the toxic chromium used in almost all tanning these days has been replaced by salts that have really long names.

Question 03 —

Are you fair trade?

Yes! We are members of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). Check out their website for the “Ten Principles of Fair Trade” we conduct ourselves according to.

Question 04 —

How should I take care of my Loyal bag?

We want your purchase to last you a really long time so we're glad you asked! Head on over to our Product Care page for all the details.

Question 05 —

Where can I find your products locally?

We have a number of incredible Bricks and Mortar stockists located across the world. Check out our directory of retailer partners on the "Our Stockists" page.

Question 06 —

Are you a real business or an NGO?

We are not a charity, we do not give hand outs. Our ladies work hard for their monthly income and we empower them with legitimate employment. We are an Indian Registered Private Limited Company and one of our aims is to make a profit. The way we do business and how we use our profits is what makes us different.

Question 07 —

Isn’t it dangerous taking women from the Red Light Areas?

We do some things that make it safe for us to enter red light areas and employ women from the sex-trade. The major one is that our business is relational. Before we even registered the business we visited the red-light area, again and again and again. We’ve developed strong friendships in the community: friends that look out for us, understand our business and support us. We also don’t rescue or take girls away from the sex-trade. We offer an alternative that women can choose or not choose. There are other organisations that perform raids and rescues, but that’s not our business.

Question 08 —

How are the foreigners in the business paid?

All of the foreigners work in a volunteer capacity. No money from the business goes to foreign staff or investors. 100% of the capital and profits are used for the business, its local employees and its future development. Foreigners who stick around for a long time are usually financially supported by family, friends and churches who also believe that modern day slavery must end and another world is possible.

Question 09 —

I have a leather design I want produced ethically. Can Loyal manufacture it?

At this stage the answer is, probably not. We are usually kept busy making our own range of products. Get in touch with us to see if we can work something out. If not, we can pass on details of dedicated white-label manufacturers to you.

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