Will my laptop fit in a Loyal Workshop Laptop Sleeve?

Our new Laptop Sleeves have been designed specifically for Macbook Pro Laptop models from 2017-2022. However, that doesn't mean your Asus, HP or Macbook Air won't fit! You'll just need to use the below guide to see if there is a sleeve in our range right for you. 

Our new leather laptop sleeves come in four different sizes based on the Macbook Pro Laptop size it has been designed for. These are 13 inches, 14 inches, 15 inches and 16 inches respectively. 

The following measurements are a "perfect/snug" fit for the corresponding sleeve size based on the laptop size itself.

Please check the size of your laptop in comparison to these measurements to see which sleeve size your laptop will fit into. If it's smaller, the laptop sleeve will be a bit roomier. If it's bigger, you might need to go a size up. 

13 inch sleeve: 304mm x 212mm x 13.5mm

14 inch sleeve: 312.65mm x 221.2mm x 15.5mm

15 inch sleeve: 349.3mm x 240.7mm x 15.5mm

16 inch sleeve: 355.7mm x 248.1mm x 16.8mm 

Hot tip! Save yourself the hassle of pulling out a ruler and simply Google your laptop's make and model number, along with what year it was produced to find its dimensions.

After you have double checked your laptops size and are confident it will fit, head here to purchase your new laptop sleeve.

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