Women's Day 2022

This year for Women's Day two of our artisans wanted to offer some short reflections on what it is to be a women in a neighbourhood like ours. They also wanted to share some of the changes they have personally experienced in regards to women's empowerment in their society. 

Mira – "I’m a single mum with two kids. I previously didn’t have the courage, knowledge or strength to do the best for my kids’ education and lives because I felt alone. Society had worn me down and kept me there. I joined The Loyal Workshop and have become braver and learnt lots of things. As a result, I can now I can do many more things to help my kids out."

 Juni – "Women want to get to a better place in society but in many places they aren’t able to. Society doesn’t want us to rise up. Society tells women, “Be domesticated and submissive.  Don’t try to be independent like a man.”  Here at the workshop we have a different philosophy. We are all equal. We are like a family. We are brothers and sisters. I like that a lot. This gives me the courage to imagine a different way.  

Women can help one another when we stand beside each other and offer encouragement. When my neighbour gets abused, I stand beside her and tell her I am with her. We want respect from society and be able to contribute to the family through our work both inside and outside the home. I am teaching my son to help out at home and realise that it’s not just women who should do household chores. If I’m making rice I ask him to cook the vegetables and lentils. If he has a big pile of clothes to be washed, I tell him we will wash it together. It’s through this that I want to teach him equality."

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